just_l0ve_me (just_l0ve_me) wrote in sextipsii,

I really seriously need some answers on this.. =(

I am not sure how to word this right? SO here goes... i can get off really good one time..and it is always the first time. but after that, my clit gets really sore, and I just.. i guess you would say that I pretty much lose interest. I am really not horny anymore. I am a virgin, but my boyfriend and i have talked about it, and we are probably going to have sex pretty soon. I am so scared that I am going to just not be into it anymore. Is it just because I haven't had sex and I haven't had all of that stimulation to keep me going, or is there something really wrong with me? I am scared to death of not pleasing him, and I think that if this is the case, then I won't..=( help me! PLEASE!!!
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