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Help please

I lost my virginity last night and unfortunately it didn't go like I had imagined. Neither of us came, we just got tired and gave up. We're planning to give it another go-round sooner or later and I have some questions.

1. My guy was saying he couldn't come because the condom ruined the sensation..(he was being honest, and not that he was trying to get out of wearing it) What changes can be made to remedy this?

2. There didn't seem to be much friction either. Could it be because I was too wet or loose for him? (I use a toy for penetration whenever I masterbate. Always to orgasm or several.) Any tips here? Less foreplay? Less self-penetration?

3. I couldn't really feel much or get enough sensation to get even get close to cumming. We tried a couple different positions and girl on top and reverse cowgirl gave me the best sensation. One problem we were having though with just normal girl on top (facing the guy) was he kept slipping out. Also, he mentioned that I was hurting him by leaning forwards to rub my clit against him. I don't want my pleasure to be his pain.

Thanks in advance everyone :)

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