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alright.. well... i posted before saying that my boyfriend said that he didnt htink he would let give him a hand job or anything becasue he was shy about his penis because he thought he was small..

well.. on Saturday, i went over there, adn we were both in a crazy horny mood... and he ended up being in jsut his boxers with it out. So i give him a hand job. But he didnt cum... Earlier before that, we were "grinding"... or dry sex? whatever you want to call it.. and he came a little every once in a while then. But when i hgaveh im a handjob, he didnt. What is up with that?? :\ I was really upset about it. It was the first time anyone has ever even SEEN his penis.. so yea. I dont know.. but i feel so stupid that i couldnt make him cum. :\ While i was doing it.. he told me i could stop a few times.. because it was taking forever. and i told him it was okay and i would keep going. And then he said that it wasnt my fault.. and that it was HIS because he had to consentrate. WTF? What is he tlaking about?? i asked peopel ast my school, and they said that he was lying? What's going on? lol

..and does anyone have any tips? I dont relly want to use lube.. so dont mention that. But two of my freinds toldm e how tight to grip it.. and they said to go the full length of it. So yea.. any other tips? ..and im aware of the fact that i could give him head.. but i dont really want t oyet... mostly because im scared becasue i have never done it before.. and i dont think i would be good. it seems liek it will be so hard nto to use my teeth. :\ But i was told to practice with a banana when im ready to go that far. hehe.

so yea, help please? <3
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