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I was recently doing a little online research into condoms. What feels the best vs strength (don't want breakage to happen), and I came across this great informational site / condom store called condomdepot. Where they had a top10 with really good reviews and ratings and such. They are a really good site. I started looking through their store for a while and I noticed that their prices were much better than I had been paying (at walmart) and I wanted to try one or two of the top rated condoms so I decided to buy the smallest box I could (12 pack) of crown skinless skin condoms.

After I made my selection I was brought to the payment screen where I was highly surprised that they accept paypal as well as credit cards. It was also here that I found the shipping drop-down box so I selected free shipping which happened to be standard USPS postal mail with delivery confirmation. I decided to pay with paypal (as I have cash there and it's easier for me), after i placed my order I was given an e-mail link to a place where I could get delivery confirmation on the package. (Note, NOT tracking details, just confirmation). The transaction went off without a hitch.

2 shipping days later (I placed my order Tuesday which means it went out wed.), it arrived Friday. I was surprised and pleased at the speed at which my stuff got here. The package arrived in a standard bubble-pack envelope and was small enough to fit into the mailbox very comfortably (pretty small actually). I looked at the package return address and it said "GoLive LLC". Which works out well for me because it sounds like a tech or web dev type of package containing software and then I noticed that their home base is in Plainville CT. (which is less than an hour and a half from where i live. Then again, in CT pretty much everywhere in CT is less than an hour and a half away heh) so things should ship instantaneously. I was very happy with the shipping process and the packaging. Instead of shipping in a regular condom box, inside of the package I found a professional looking packing list with all of the payment and product details on it, 2x 10% off coupons for anything in the store, instructions on proper condom usage (very well done with illustrations) and my condoms, which were in the usual strip form 2 strips of 6 condoms inside of a nice, thick, zip-lock baggy just large enough to hold the condoms. I was very pleased.

so then, I personally give http://www.condomdepot.com two thumbs up, an A+ and 5 out of 5 unFs.

[Crown Skinless Skin Condoms]

The condoms themselves come in a metallic foil which should make them slightly easier to find in the dark (if the room is dark) than some of the other package varieties, without being glow-in-the-dark which is personally very annoying as i don't like things glowing in my room when i turn out the light with the exception of my computers, it's associated blinkenlights (modem, Ethernet switch, etc). Anyway, so yeah, metallic package, easy to find.

The second thing I noticed about these condoms (after I tore one off of the strip of 6 I got) was that they were incredibly difficult to open. If you can, I highly suggest that if you know you are going to have sex within a period of a half hour or so, open one ahead of time before your hands get slippery with various lubricating fluids (both natural and artificial). I find that you had to be very precise to get the very edge of the wrapper to tear apart. After some *minor* struggling (about a minute, unarroused with dry hands) i was able to get the condom package open.

the first thing i notice is that these Crown Skinless Skin condoms are pink, seeming fairly thin.

I personally find it a really good idea to test a condom for both pleasure and stress *alone* before I test them with my partner. This is a good idea as it gives me the opportunity to stress test them in real world scenarios without risking pregnancy as well as stress testing them artificially.

that being said, I proceeded to browse my personal pornography archive (i don't have 1.2tb of file storage on my network for nothing) until I found something new (recently downloaded) and really good. So I chose something and let it play for a while until I got myself aroused and erect, and waited until the first drops of precum appeared (about the time most men choose to put on a condom for some good sex, as once you're leaking pre-cum you probably aren’t going to lose your erection unless something drastic happens. so I decided it was the right time to put on the test subject. Pinching the reservoir tip between my thumb and forefinger of my right hand, I used my left hand to unroll the condom onto my penis until i couldn't unroll any more (proper condom use).

The condoms were lightly lubricated making the condom pretty easy to roll onto my penis. I noticed that these condoms were a bit more snug than the Trojan "her pleasure" condoms I had gotten used to, nowhere near uncomfortable, but particularly form fitting to my dimensions flattening to my skin without any bagginess or 'extra' (with the exception of course of the reservoir tip). Overall it had a good fit. it sure wouldn't come off easily but as I said, not uncomfortable whatsoever. After that, I grabbed my handy bottle of astroglide personal lubricant (love eBay), put a few drops in my hand and went to work. I noticed in my play that I could feel much more sensation through this condom than I had previously with other brands like Trojan ultra-thin (which are particularly dangerous to use in my experience having broken on me on 4 different occasions in the past). The sensation was great, i also noticed that I could feel temperature variations much more easily than most, and also that the various natural ridges, contours, etc could be felt much easier from the outside as well for her pleasure. Overall these condoms yielded a pretty good experience. Usually when performing tests of these sort I tend to not get enough sensation through the condom to produce a good enough effect for me, i had no problem pleasuring myself to orgasm with this one. Though the reservoir tip expanded slightly to accommodate its new contents it did not rupture. When I was finished I could not simply slide the condom off, there was too much internal friction (not uncomfortably though) i had to roll the condom partially off before I could pull it the rest of the way off. as always, condom removal should be done AWAY from any vagina who's owner doesn't want to get pregnant and dispose of all condoms in the TRASH CAN (not the floor, ground, sidewalk, or car).

Afterwards I decided to put the condom to some unscientific strength testing. I was simply interested to know how much pressure it takes to penetrate the condom. i unrolled the condom all the way, put my finger about an inch inside against the condom wall and pushed outward. These condoms are EXTREMELY strong and should stand up to even the most vigorous, friction-full sex sessions. I was able to push the wall out about 4-5 inches before the latex finally gave. This condom is curiously stretchy and that stretch is GREAT reinforcement. I then threw it away.

Phase 1 of the Crown Skinless Skin condoms completed successfully and surpassed every one of my expectations for my solo experience. I can't wait to try them with my girlfriend.

[My position on Contraceptives]

As far as condoms go, i think these are the best i've used yet, however, in my opinion, condoms SUCK. Even with awesomely sensitive condoms that are thin and such there is still ALOT of sensation lost for the man. Condoms are great at protecting against both pregnancy and STD's and i recommend them for anybody who is in a new (shorter than 3-6 months) or are not ENTIRELY POSITIVE that either you or your partner is free of sexually transmitted diseases. If you are in a monogamous relationship with someone and you both have been tested STD negative, then generally i suggest some kind of hormonal birth control (the pill, the patch, the ring, etc.) and as a backup, an internal barrier method (diaphragm or cervical cap) and if your hormonal birth control method is for some reason rendered untrustworthy (for example antibiotics and some other medications render many hormonal methods untrustworthy) you can always use the internal barrier method with internal spermicidal jelly or cream which is inserted into the vagina before sex. If the lady involved is looking for longer-term birth control, she may wish to opt for an intrauterine device (IUD) instead of the already suggested methods. Or of course if the couple is older and isn't interested in having any more children for the rest of their lives, sterility is suggested for one or preferably both parties (vasectomy or tubal legation).

for monogamous, STD free relationships I personally feel that there are much better options than condoms whereby full sexual pleasure is felt by both parties involved and for the most part, increased spontaneity.

I have been recently reading about the testing of an oral and injectable contraceptive drug for men, however, it seems like it's still a ways away from coming to the general public (if anybody has any information on this, please direct me to it).

How is it that it's the year 2005 (almost 2006 now) and we still don't have a safe, 100% effective contraceptive method that is easily and safely reversible that doesn't need to be maintained often (once a year or longer)!? or perhaps a drug that is given to all newborns (with parental consent) that renders them infertile unless they take some kind of counteracting drug (if they wish to conceive children)...
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