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New and Improved Sextips!

New and Improved Sextips!

The New Sextips Community
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All Members , Moderated
Sextipsii Mission Statement:
To increase sexual awareness, promote good sexual health, boost sexual education, improve sexual relationships, and share information in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere that is free from ridicule and flaming.

Have ideas on how to do something better? Need some information? Anything sex related goes here: questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome -- everyone wants to learn how to be better in bed.

Ground rules:
sextipsii is run on four basic principles:
1) There are no set topics.
2) Be respectful.
3) Be nice.
4) Don't worry about asking a question more than once.. if you need to know, just ask.
We will not delete EVERY OTHER post that is posted.

The rest of our long list of rules is really an extension of those few basic principles:

The topic here is sex. Please try stay on topic and as much as you may not want to.. We really don't want to hear about the great sex you had last night.. If you want to share, then fine.. but.. try not to unless you have enough for everyone.. lmao
If you want to introduce yourself to the community, please feel free to do so.

No advertising please. Whether it's blatant spam or a classified ad, whether it's free or not, take it elsewhere. However, if you would like to post about a sex related LJ community ONE TIME or other sex related sites that would be helpful to members, please do so in moderation.

NO quiz results.

Discussion is good, and disagreement is fine - but keep it respectful and civil (if possible).

Trolls and flaming will not be tolerated.... Usually

It is not our place to judge anyone else's sexual choices. Any posts or comments along the lines of "if you _______, you shouldn't be having sex" will result in a warning.. if it is seen....

This isn't a pickup joint, no come-ons or cruising.

Turning the comments off in your post will result in the post being deleted and you being banned.

Please post using proper English, including grammar and spelling. No h4x0rspeak (e.g., "j00 w|ll b3 0awnz0r3D by l0nG-tErm d4pr33sE4c|0n") or IM language (e.g., "omg liek wtf r u doin n3wayz?"), and please type slowly enough so that your post is not mostly typos. You will get more responses to your question if other users can read it easily.

Please save the online test results for your personal journal, even if they're about sex.

If you copy a relevant article or email into a post make sure to remove the headers and >s.

Don't post the same thing multiple times.

We don't believe in that "work safe" bullshit... If you think that there is the possibility of something being not work safe.. don't keep us on your friends list. You can't get in "trouble" here for having a different icon.

Contraception and pregnancy are really strongly related to sex for many people, therefore, TALK ABOUT THEM IF YOU WANT TO!!

What happens when you break the rules:
Posts or comments in violation of these community rules will be deleted and the user will be warned or banned. Those who have been banned can request to be reinstated simply by sending an e-mail to the moderator. Please note that in order for you to recieve notice of post/comment deletion and warning/banning you will need to have "Get Message Board Replies" enabled in your preferences. Saying, "I didn't know" is NOT an excuse for rule violations.

At present there is 1 moderator that is a part of sextipsii to keep the peace. He does not get paid to be here, and enjoys sex just as much as you do. Be kind to him -- he is just following the above rules as well. If you have any problems with or questions about the community, contact a moderator via e-mail or IM -- please do NOT make a public post in the community or comment about sextips in a moderator's personal journal; doing so only compounds existing problems and creates new ones. Also, please note that moderators cannot edit posts or comments - they can only delete them. Members, however, can edit posts.